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You can find our after-sales guarantee, maintenance information and more product guides here.
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  • Our Guarantee and Warranty
    Providing client with the best price is not good enough for us, we also try to offer good after-sales service. In practice, our quality guarantee policy is quite friendly! Basically, we ask our client to contact us within three months from the date they receive our goods. Also, clients should give us an inspection report, take some photos, and show us the evidence when the problem happens.   Read More>
  • Instrument Customization: Trends in Personalized and Customized Instruments
    Instrument Customization: Trends in Personalized and Customized InstrumentsIn recent years, the trend of personalizing and customizing musical instruments has gained significant traction. Musicians, both amateur and professional, are seeking instruments that not only meet their technical needs but a   Read More>
  • Is Violin The Hardest Instrument To Learn?
    The violin is a member of the large family of bowed string instruments. It is known for its high pitch, bright and versatile sound. But learning the violin is often considered difficult by everyone because there are various factors that pose certain challenges to beginners.How to find the right viol   Read More>
  • Choosing the Right Violin Case for Student Practice and Performances
    Choosing the right violin case is an essential decision for any student violinist. Not only does a violin case provide protection for the instrument, but it also plays a crucial role in the convenience and comfort of practice and performances.   Read More>
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