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  • Bands of Electronic Keyboard Instrument Applications

    With the improvement of the research and development level of electronic keyboard instruments by various brands, electronic keyboard instrument products show a trend of continuous improvement in quality and cost performance, and are more and more integrated into the daily music life of the public. I   Read More>

  • Introduction to Common Woods Used in Guitar Making

    This is a relatively boring article, which is purely a list of trivial items. Let's take a look at it for now. Quan should further add an understanding of the guitar itself, which is also of great benefit to the development of personal cultivation.When many beginners buy a guitar, they will find tha   Read More>

  • Composition of the violin

    The violin consists of more than 30 parts. Its main components are headstock, body, neck, pegs, strings, bridge, chin rest, bow, panel, side panel, sound post, etc. A violin has four strings: E, A, D, and G.The violin body (sound box) is about 35.5 cm long and is made of curved top, back and sides g   Read More>

  • Our Guarantee and Warranty

    Providing client with the best price is not good enough for us, we also try to offer good after-sales service. In practice, our quality guarantee policy is quite friendly! Basically, we ask our client to contact us within three months from the date they receive our goods. Also, clients should give us an inspection report, take some photos, and show us the evidence when the problem happens.   Read More>

  • Classification for Classical Guitar & Acoustic Guitar

    The unique feature between classical guitar and acoustic guitar should be discussed from several aspects:1) The Body Structure The classical guitar uses the nylon strings which are more suitable for solo performance and musical expressiveness. The leading brand in the world of classic guitar strings   Read More>

World’s Top 225 Music Products Supplier



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    We are ranked among the World's Top 225 Music Products Supplier!

    * We have long and experience history in musical instruments industry over 20 years. Aileen- the founder of Aileen Music, started her musical instruments business in 1993 and in 2005 Nanjing Aileen Trading Co., Ltd was founded.
    * We provide personalized service to you.
    * We can make you have a one-step purchase of various musical instruments which are made by the experienced Chinese craftsmen.
    * The quality of products is guaranteed by our unique quality control system.
    * We can extend your choice of suppliers, for we have established close relationship with many of the leading manufacturers in China.
    * We can give you a guarantee on high quality, in-time delivery and payment and excellent after-sales service.
    * We have a team of 5 departments with professional knowledge and international business skill.



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