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Is Your Violin Protected by One Suitable Case? A Recommendation about Aileen Air Violin Case

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After choosing your favorite violin, you must want to know how to protect the violin to the greatest extent so as to avoid unnecessary damage. However, the degree of protection for the violin is different for cases. Let's take a look at how to choose the right case for your own violin.

The Exterior Material

The purpose of the violin case is to protect the violin, so sturdiness is a major point in the selection of a violin case. Common violin case styles include rubber and plastic cases, lighter carbon fiber cases, and traditional solid wood cases. Different materials have different protections for the violin.

The Case's Weight

Since the violin case is almost always carried out with the violin, the weight is also one of the factors to be considered when choosing. The traditional classical texture of the violin case is heavy and inconvenient to carry out. In contrast, more people will choose a lightweight rubber violin case. Nowadays, the new carbon fiber case is favored by more and more leraners because of its lighter structure and higher strength protection.

The Interior Material

Generally, the 4/4 violin case will be equipped with a buckle or a fixed rope to fix the neck and protect the head. At the same time, some cases will also increase the suspension support design, thereby reducing the damage to the violin during transportation. The lining in the case can help the violin to avoid friction and damage, and a high-quality case should have enough space to facilitate the placement of accessories such as shoulder pads, rosin, and strings.

Water Resistance

In order to further strengthen the protection of the violin, especially in relatively humid areas such as the south, waterproof violin case is also an excellent choice in the selection, so as to protect the violin from changes in timbre caused by moisture.

Based on the above characteristics, in order to achieve a high-quality violin case that combines beauty, convenience and practicability together, Aileen Music has  launched Aileen "Air" Case. Aileen air violin case is an independent intellectual property product with shape patents and copyrights. Due to the unique appearance of this product, it has more significant advantages than traditional cases. The case is unique in appearance and highly recognizable, and considers the details of the violin itself. Compared with the glass fiber reinforced plastic case, this one has light weight and good strength, scratch resistance with good product stability, which is not easy to deform; Compared with wooden violin cases, the air case has diverse appearance and rich colors; Compared with carbon fiber and synthetic materials, the price of the case is moderate under the premise of guaranteed quality, and the production is more environmentally friendly.

Based on the original CSV-F18 color system,Added #RD, #NB, #BT, #WP four styles.

「 Aurora series」- CSV-F18

This is the style of the Aurora series.

There are three colors in total: #LAV, #SGY, #WH2

「 Aurora series」- CSV-F18 (New color system)




-Environmental friendly material, high technique and recyclable.

-Abrasion resistant

-Ultra-light weight: 2.1kg (not including straps)

-Strong case to protect violin


「 Nova series」- CSV-F28



- Shell made of Aileen high performance materials, reinforced plastic, fitted in weather resistant

blended fabric cover.

- Outstanding protection and ultra light weight, resist compression.

- Padded with comfortable grip carry handle and removable backpack straps

- Combination locks.

- Anti-slip and anti-wear rubber patches on the bottom and sider outer shell.

- Plush velvet interior , ideal for the comfort of the instruments.

- Interior includes suspension of the instrument on injected foam cushions.

- wider neck cradle to provide extra protection, hygrometer, strap for shoulder rest and

compartment for accessories.

- Weight about: 2.5kgs.


Hope the above summary will be helpful for you to choose a violin case. If you have relevant needs, you are welcome to consult Aileen Music or visit the physical products offline. Aileen Music is looking forward to your arrival!

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