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Composition of the violin

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The violin consists of more than 30 parts. Its main components are headstock, body, neck, pegs, strings, bridge, chin rest, bow, panel, side panel, sound post, etc. A violin has four strings: E, A, D, and G.

The violin body (sound box) is about 35.5 cm long and is made of curved top, back and sides glued together. The panel is usually made of spruce, which is softer; the back and side panels are made of maple, which is harder. The headstock and neck are made of whole maple, and the fingerboard is made of ebony. The sound quality of a violin is basically determined by its wood and corresponding structure, by the vibration frequency of the wood and its response to string vibrations. A high-quality piano transmits the fundamental and overtones of every sound with equal sensitivity.

A violin has 4 strings. Originally, they were all bare strings made of sheep intestines. From about the 18th century, the bass G strings were often wrapped with silver wires to make them more responsive. In modern times, G, D, and A3 strings are wound with wire-wound gut strings or steel wires, and nylon strings are also used recently. The E string is replaced by a steel string, which makes it sound better in the high register.

The violin is made into a modern style, not entirely from the aesthetic appearance, but has its acoustic and performance needs. The front and back of the violin have radians, which make it resonate well and sound loud; the waist of the violin is narrow, which is convenient for playing high positions and bass strings; the top and back are filled with strips, which not only prevent the wood from cracking, but also improve the sound quality of the violin. certain effect. Between the front panel and the back panel there is a sound column support, and the change of its position has a significant impact on the violin tone. The bottom left of the panel is glued to the bass beam, which not only plays a reinforcement role, but also has a sound effect. If the paint on the surface of the violin is too hard, too soft, or unevenly painted, it will damage the sound quality. When the friction between the bow and the strings causes the strings to vibrate, the front panel is vibrated by the bridge, and the back panel is vibrated by the sound post. The E string vibrates less, while the G string vibrates more, so that the bass beam has greater vibration. , and cause the vibration of the sound box. Whether the sound can be fully developed depends on the strings and their tension, the quality of the bridge, the pressure and speed of the bow. In order to express the various timbres of the piano, it is necessary to add the player's bowing, fingering and vibrato performance skills.

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