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Buying Your First Drum Set: A Guide For Beginners

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Drum sets, a set of drum-based percussion instruments, originated in the United States. With the continuous development of jazz, the drum set has come out on top among jazz playing instruments with its modern sense of rhythm and unique double-click playing method.


Traditional drum sets generally consist of bass drums, hi-hats, snare drums, toms, and cymbals.

Bass drum: The right foot is placed on the pedal naturally. When hitting the bass drum, the ankle and sole are relaxed and natural, and the foot moves up and down with the pedal. Except for the continuous playing of the accent, the heel does not leave the pedal.

Hi-hat: Raise the left heel when preparing to play, and press the heel, on the sole of the foot, under the sole of the foot, and on the heel at the beginning of the performance. The movement of the heel and sole must naturally follow the pedal and cannot be lifted.

Snare drum: When hitting the snare drum, both the left and the right hands can be played directly by the method of buckled wrist.

Shackles: The right hand strikes various rhythms on the shackles using a straight-button method.

Hanging cymbal: When hitting the drum set with cymbals, use the left and right hands according to the actual performance. In simple cases, the right hand is used to play various rhythms instead of the hand. The straight wrist style or the straight buckle style is used. Generally, there is a hammer head knocking the shackle surface. When playing accents to create a strong atmosphere, use the hammer strikes the edge of the shackle.

Apart from this, the design of electronic drum sets further make the performance of drum sets intelligent. Electronic drum sets, through the combination of the sensor-TRIGGER, the sound source machine-MODULE and the sound output device, bring you a new sense of experience.


Electronic drum sets can be divided into four types: traditional rubber electronic board type, external sensor type, all-in-one type, drum skin simulation and multi-sensor type. The traditional rubber electronic board type, that is, the drum panel material is all rubber; the sensor-TRIGGER, as a small unit, does not appear in the form of a percussion panel, which preserves the original sound of the drum to the greatest extent; the built-in percussion area and tone generator is a simple model that can be plugged in after setting the tone. As a new high-tech main battlefield, the drum head simulation combines the dual textures of the drum head and TRIGGER.

Compared with traditional drum sets, electronic drums have more realistic sounds, and more sounds can be applied to different performance occasions. For buyers, electronic drums have relatively low requirements for space due to their light weight, small size and easy disassembly; For learners at different stages, electronic drums with rhythm can provide more rhythm training lessons to help you practice delightly.

If you've made it to the end of our guide to drum sets for beginners, congratulations! You're probably on your way to becoming a drum expert in no time. Now all that’s left is to start looking for that perfect drum set. We’ve made the process easier for you by having a custom-curated collection ready. Looking forward to your consultation!

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