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Basic Care of Trumpets and Cornets

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1. Use the regulating tube to remove the water, press the piston to pull out the regulating tube, and clean the water, and the water in the tube can be discharged through the drain hole. The material of the regulating tube is brass or silver. Although the corrosion resistance is strong, the residual water for a long time will also cause corrosion, please pay attention!

2. Put VALVE OIL on the piston and press it a few times to make it move smoothly. When using piston oil, remove the wire cover, then slowly and vertically pull out half of the piston, then drop one or two drops of piston oil (VALVE OIL) on the piston and press it up and down for dozens of times, so that the oil can be completely coated on the piston. superior.

3. Clean the adjustment tube once a week: when pulling out the adjustment tube, be sure to press the piston and pull it out, and then wrap the cleaning gauze around the cleaning rod (do not expose the metal part); clean the dirty inside of the middle tube and outer tube. Dirt; put TUNING SLIDE OIL on the adjustment tubes (first and second) with the ring; apply a small amount of tuning oil on the main adjustment tube (TUNING SLIDE), the second adjustment tube and the fingerless adjustment tube SLIDE GREASE, then pull a few times to spread the oil evenly.

4. Make the cleaning gauze into a strip, and carefully clean the fine points.

5. Please use the sound hole cleaning stick to clean the drain hole.

6. Clean the piston cylinder once a month: wrap the cleaning gauze on the cleaning rod (the metal part should not be exposed) to remove the dirt on the inside of the piston cylinder; wipe the dirt on the piston with the cleaning gauze, then insert the piston into the piston cylinder and drip Apply a few drops of TUNING SLIDE OIL to lubricate it.

7. When cleaning the inside of the body, pour the detergent solution (BRASS SOAP) into warm water at about 30℃~40℃, (the appropriate ratio is detergent:water = 1:15), and use a soft cleaning strip (FLEXIBLE CLEANER) Dip the solution to clean the inside of the tube body, then rinse the inside of the tube body with clean water, and then rinse with clean water.

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