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Bands of Electronic Keyboard Instrument Applications

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With the improvement of the research and development level of electronic keyboard instruments by various brands, electronic keyboard instrument products show a trend of continuous improvement in quality and cost performance, and are more and more integrated into the daily music life of the public. In order to meet the needs of consumers for both "keyboard feel" and "electronic technology", many brands have begun to practice hybrid pianos with cross-border concepts, and have been accepted and purchased by users including pianists at a gratifying speed. This means that our chances of encountering hybrid pianos that are "innovative fusion of traditional grand pianos and electronic technology" on the stage or in daily life will be greatly increased compared to before.

In the same way, electronic keyboard instruments, which are obviously different from traditional musical instruments, continue to participate in various band performances, and also have a wide range of applications and wonderful performances, and even become an indispensable existence.

(1) A band composed of pure electronic keyboard instruments

In recent years, bands composed of pure electronic keyboard instruments have begun to emerge one after another in various competitions and performances. From electronic keyboard duets with the most minimal staff to large-scale electronic keyboard bands composed of dozens or more, these new ensembles have gradually entered people's field of vision with their unique and outstanding musical artistic expression. The performers cover men, women and children, with rich and diverse repertoire styles. Everyone at the scene can enjoy the interaction with the music, the joy and beauty of collaborating with others, and fly freely in the world of music together.

It can be said that electronic keyboard instruments naturally have various characteristics suitable for ensemble ensembles: there is no need to worry about each other’s intonation problems, various timbres and automatic accompaniment can be selected for use, you can switch the registration memory to quickly switch the timbre and other panels to adjust the playing state, and you can According to the difficulty of playing, the players of each electronic keyboard are allocated. The requirements for the rehearsal venue are relatively low, the rehearsal noise is controllable, the performance placement is flexible, the orchestra can be large or small, and there are no restrictions on the style and type of the repertoire. The threshold for forming a band is relatively easier than that of a traditional band. As long as there are two or more people who have the ability to play keyboard instruments, they can flexibly form an electronic keyboard band through electronic keyboard instruments. This is really challenging. , another exciting thing.

(2) Apply to all kinds of bands

Single or multiple electronic musical keyboards can also be very useful when added to various types and arrangements of acoustic or other electro-acoustic instruments. I believe you have seen many of these situations in the media or at the scene. The existence and even brilliance of electronic keyboard instruments in various bands depends on the following two points:

1. One piano can be used for multiple purposes

Some occasions or musical pieces that require a certain instrument sound, but cannot make the instrument appear on stage, or cannot find a suitable performer, the musical keyboard instrument is suitable at this time. As long as the timbres and various effects of electronic keyboard instruments can be used, the inspiration and idea of music will not be cut off due to the limitations of existing physical acoustic instruments. A flute, an erhu, a saxophone, a trumpet, a clarinet, a string group, a variety of characteristic percussion instruments, novel synthetic sounds, even the pipe organ and Claritins, etc., electronic keyboard instruments can be used for role-playing in sound, and are not limited by the equipment of musical instruments and the ability of the performers. It is the various characteristics of the electronic keyboard instrument itself that can effectively supplement the sound of various types of bands, and also have positive significance for saving the cost of band rehearsal and performance.

2. Be able to fully integrate into the band

Electronic keyboard instruments in the band, if used properly, can achieve good live effects whether it is used as a background for music, main melody, sub-melody or sound effects. You can also edit the timbre and effect parameters, fine-tune the overall pitch or use other temperaments, etc., to better integrate with other sounds of the band, or to enhance the atmosphere, or to stand alone, or to add the finishing touch to form an organic musical whole and build a moving A lively band performing.

It is precisely because the electronic keyboard instrument has the irreplaceable characteristics and convenience of use of ordinary traditional instruments, its popularity and popularity in various bands will become higher and higher with people's diversified music life.

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