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Aileen, Winzz And Lexington Three Major Brands Join Hands To Appear at NAMM Show 2024 in The United States

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From January 25th to 28th, 2024, our company was honored to participate in the American NAMM Show musical instrument exhibition, booth number HALL B 9741. At this exhibition, we brought together our three major brands Aileen, Winzz, and Lexington, each of which presented trend-setting products, presenting a musical feast to the audience. From beginners to professional players, there's a piano for every musician.

Aileen violin series

1. Student Violin (Beginner Violin)

Designed for students who are entering the world of music for the first time, Aileen's beginner violin focuses on ease of operation and stable sound quality, making it an ideal choice for musical enlightenment.

2. Moderate Violin (intermediate violin)

Intermediate violins inherit Aileen's consistent exquisite craftsmanship, focusing on the balance of sound quality and playing experience, and are suitable for students and amateur players who desire a higher level.

3. Advanced Violin

Professional-level high-end violins are the choice of professional musicians. They are made with excellent sound quality and high-grade materials to help players perform well on stage.

4. PERFETTO Series Violin

The Perfect Series violins are Aileen's outstanding masterpieces, integrating traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to provide musicians with an unparalleled playing experience.

5. Europe Materials Violin

Aileen exclusively introduces high-grade European materials to create violins with pure sound and excellent quality, bringing music lovers the in-depth enjoyment of European classical music.

VHH900 (1)VHH900 (2)

6. Moderate Cello (intermediate cello)

Aileen's intermediate cellos blend traditional and modern designs to provide cello learners with excellent sound quality and reliable performance.

7. Advanced Cello (Advanced Cello)

High-end cellos have become the first choice of professional cellists for their deep sound quality and excellent craftsmanship.

8. Aileen Patent Durable Case

Aileen's patented durable violin case is Aileen's pinnacle in protecting musical instruments. It combines lightweight design and sturdy materials to protect the violin from any external impact.

9. Aileen Patent Air Case (Aileen patented air bag violin case)

With its excellent shock-proof performance and lightweight design, Aileen's patented airbag violin case provides the most perfect protection for the instrument and has become the trust of professional players.

10. Violin Wooden Bow

The carefully selected wooden violin bow, with its excellent bending and balance, provides players with more comfortable control and richer tone.

Winzz guitar series

As a representative of trendy music, Winzz carries a variety of guitar products to meet the needs of music lovers of different levels and styles.

1. Entry Level Classical Guitar

Offering beginners an affordable option that combines sound quality with ease of use.

2. Quality Student Classical Guitar

Intermediate student guitar designed to provide a more advanced sound quality and a more comfortable playing experience.


3. Winzz Thin Body Nylon Strings Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Winzz Thin Body Nylon Strings Electric Guitar)

Combining classic nylon guitar tone with modern electroacoustic technology, it's ideal for stage performances.

4. Winzz & Yulong Guo Co-branded Guitars (Winzz and Guo Yong co-branded guitars)

Winzz collaborates with famous guitar master Guo Yong to create a series of guitars that combine the exquisite craftsmanship and musical concepts of the two brands.

5. 12 Strings Acoustic Guitar

The unique tone of the 12-string guitar brings musicians a richer harmonic experience.

Lexington Wind Instrument Series

As a leading brand in the field of wind instruments, Lexington carries a variety of wind instrument products, providing professional players with a variety of choices.

1. Lexington Saxophones

With its excellent sound quality and stable performance, it has become the first choice for professionals and amateurs.

2. Lexington Trumpets

Ideal for trumpet players who value both tone and control.

DP888 (7)

3. Lexington Trombones

A perfect companion for trombone players, prized for its deep tone and flexible playing performance.

Musician’s Choice

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, the violin, guitar and wind instrument series displayed by Aileen Music at NAMM Show 2024 will become the best choice for musicians. This is not only an exhibition, but also an opportunity for Aileen Music to explore and share the beauty of music with music lovers around the world.

What makes NAMM Show 2024 unique?

NAMM Show 2024 will not only be a product display platform, but also a music and culture exchange event. Each brand will spend four days of music feast with music lovers through demonstrations, explanations and interactive experiences.

The power of music, the promise of Aileen Music

Aileen Music Company will demonstrate the power of music to music lovers around the world with its diversified product series and excellent quality at NAMM Show 2024. We look forward to exploring and savoring this musical journey with you, and injecting more passion and innovation into the music world. The road to music begins with Aileen Music.

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