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16 Keys Cupronickel Body Antique Brass Finish C Key Entry Grade Flute (FL-G601A)

Entry Grade Flute;
Material:Cupronickel body;
Finish:Antique Brass finish/Antique Silver finish
Specification:16 key,Closed hole,Off-set G key,Low C,Split-E mechanism;
Include: Glove,Screwdriver,Wiping rag,Cream;
Case:Premium case.
  • FL-G601A
  • OEM





1.Different finish with all traditional flute products in the market; 

2.not ealisy to be rusted. Recommended to all customers who have ordered traditional flutes, especially those who require products with characteristics.

Special Craftwork: 

1. The antique finish is the first time to be used for flute processing with upgraded drawing process.


2. It is with another layer of finish to cover the antique finish, which makes the flute not ealisy to be rusted.


3. The sound hole of the body uses cold drawing technology, which makes the position of sound control more accurate.


4. Manually fixing the mouthpiece with better welding process.makes the air flow more concentrated and easier to play.


5.Antique finish and the lacquer on the surface is very average and evenly thickness: Beautiful glossy & good hand feeling. Different angles under the light make flute finish looks different.


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